Rosé wines

The Perfect Summer Tipple

By Jonathan Rogers from VIN Wine Merchants Emsworth.

Rosés are often looked upon as a safe and easy option when choosing a wine, especially on a lazy hot summers’ afternoon. Its true to say that sales rocket during the summer months and the wine will always be associated with that time of year. But increasingly, sales are continuing at a steady rate all year round as consumers look at a more refreshing wine and wine makers produce more food friendly styles. In days gone by, it used to be associated with cheap wines, but the quality is now there to see and prices reflect that.

According to Nielsen, sales are worth nearly £1.8 million per day. So why is the wine so popular with British consumers? Firstly, a lot of wines available today can be around 13 to14% alcohol, which for many people can be too strong. Typically, twenty years ago, wines were only at 11 to 12% and many wine makers today are bringing the level of alcohol in rosé back to that mark.

Secondly, there are a several different styles of rosé wines available and these depend on where in the world they come from. Californian rosé tends to be on the sweeter side with confected fruit on the palate. This style used to be the most popular. Australian rosé is often robust and fuller flavoured with a darker hint and from Provence in the south of France, they are bone dry, crisp and fresh and a lot lighter in colour. These wines made an impact onto the market a good ten plus years or so ago and is the style that is proving the most popular with today’s consumers.
How the wine is made determines the colour and style of the wine. Basically, rosé is red wine but with less skin contact. The colour of red wine comes from the skins and the longer you leave the juice in contact with the skins (called maceration) the darker the colour. Therefore, most rosé has only a few hours of skin contact. It can also be made from whole bunch pressing where the grapes are gently pressed so the juice has minimal contact with the skin inside the press as it passes through.

As summer is upon us, here are a few rosés to get you in the mood, all available from VIN Wine Merchants 6 Queen St Emsworth.

Calvet, Rose, Côtes de Thau £9.99

This vibrant Rosé presents intense notes of grapefruit with fresh hints of lime.

Pierre de Taille Provence AOP £13.99

A blend of Grenache Syrah and Cab Sauv, it has a refreshing palate with a crisp dry finish and good balance.

 Aurèle Rose Vin de Pays D’Oc £10.49

Bags of red fruit flavours with a soft rounded character on the finish.

Le Campuget Syrah Grenache Pays D’Oc £10.99
Crisp fresh rose with some light strawberry fruit.